Monday, January 27, 2014

Fun at the Battery

Today we went downtown since it was going to be almost 70! Its been freezing here so we were ready to get out and play. It's actually supposed to snow here on Wed. which is nuts! Anyway, here are some pics of our special 2 year old girl!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Years in Canda

We had a nice visit in Canada. It's always great to see Cam's family and friends. We took M to a couple indoor playgrounds, the toddler pool, and she even went sledding. They also have an indoor amusement park that had a train and some toddler rides and M loved it. It was FREEZING but we still managed to get some cute pics of M outside. Thanks Barb & Heather for everything! Can't wait for you to visit us!

What is happening mom?

Christmas 2013

I am finally posting Christmas pics! We had Christmas in Charleston with Nana and Pop. It was so great having them here, like always. Madeleine is obsessed with them and every day says, "Nana and Pop visit" because she had such a great time and misses them terribly. We went to the Festival of Lights (which was awesome), downtown shopping, the aquarium and Pop bought a Lexus! :) M had a great Christmas and was ridiculously spoiled.

Good times baking cookies. 


We had a wonderful holiday in Charleston and it was so much fun to see Madeleine Christmas morning. She's the cutest. Like for real.

Next up, some pics from Canada.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

M & some pumpkins

Helllooo! Long time, no blog. I had kinda given up on posting on the blog (mostly because I Instagram all the time!) but Cameron reminded me that I should try and keep the blog up and he is right. So here goes...

Today, Madeleine and I went to Babygarten (which she still love love loves) and then to pick out a few pumpkins to paint this afternoon. My camera battery lied and said it was fully charged but then died about 10 min in so these are the best we got. We are planning on going to the pumpkin patch at Boone Hall Plantation (where Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds were married!)  this weekend so maybe I'll post more. Fall really is nice around here - not too chilly and usually sunny.

Of course baby had to come to the pumpkin patch too. Can't leave baby for a second!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Closet

M is obsessed with my closet these days. She waddles in there every chance she gets and just dives in. She hides in my shirts, hugs them, and plays peek-a-boo. She is so funny and such a joy.

Looking a little guilty (but cute)
M just learned how to drink from a straw sippy cup today (yay!) so that is why she's a hot (or wet) mess in this one.
Look at this belly
 Hugs for the shirts
  Yes, my closet is a disaster. I have a ton of clothes I need to go through and give away. There is just no organization at all. This is on my long list of things 'to do' but I just never seem to have the time or energy. Maybe if I did, I wouldn't wear black yoga pants and a t-shirt every day. Well, maybe.
Mi familia! Love. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Madeleine!

On Tuesday, Madeleine turned 1! Yay! Where does the time go??? It feels like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. Now, she is walking, understanding tons of words, and eating real food. She is an absolute joy and we are so lucky to have such a smart, happy, healthy, fun and easy-going baby girl.

Happy Birthday M! Mommy & Daddy love you to pieces!

M also had her 1-year well-visit at her pediatrician on Wednesday. M is still in the 25% but is growing on the curve so that's good. Just a little peanut!

We had planned on going to MD for her birthday but our plans changed so we just had a little celebration here. Here are some pics:

Riley is interested in the cupcake too!

Dada, what am I supposed to do with this thing?

Get this hat off me.

Yes, I put icing in my hair.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Madeleine's First Christmas

We had a wonderful holiday. My parents came early to celebrate with us since we had to leave for Canada on the 20th. I was sick with an upper respiratory infection so I wasn't much fun but everyone got to play with M and let's face it, she's more fun anyway. Mommom is so good with M and it is so much fun to watch them together.

We had a great time in Canada. It was FREEZING so we didn't get to do as many activities as we had hoped but we still had fun. We went shopping, Cam & I went to a movie, M went sledding, and we got to visit with most of Cam's family and friends. It was a great visit and I know M loved being with her Grandma and Auntie Heather.

Here are some pics:

Santa baby

Fun at the Wassermans

 Merry Christmas M!!!