Monday, January 27, 2014

Fun at the Battery

Today we went downtown since it was going to be almost 70! Its been freezing here so we were ready to get out and play. It's actually supposed to snow here on Wed. which is nuts! Anyway, here are some pics of our special 2 year old girl!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Years in Canda

We had a nice visit in Canada. It's always great to see Cam's family and friends. We took M to a couple indoor playgrounds, the toddler pool, and she even went sledding. They also have an indoor amusement park that had a train and some toddler rides and M loved it. It was FREEZING but we still managed to get some cute pics of M outside. Thanks Barb & Heather for everything! Can't wait for you to visit us!

What is happening mom?

Christmas 2013

I am finally posting Christmas pics! We had Christmas in Charleston with Nana and Pop. It was so great having them here, like always. Madeleine is obsessed with them and every day says, "Nana and Pop visit" because she had such a great time and misses them terribly. We went to the Festival of Lights (which was awesome), downtown shopping, the aquarium and Pop bought a Lexus! :) M had a great Christmas and was ridiculously spoiled.

Good times baking cookies. 


We had a wonderful holiday in Charleston and it was so much fun to see Madeleine Christmas morning. She's the cutest. Like for real.

Next up, some pics from Canada.