Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Petfest 2012

Last weekend we went to Petfest which was held at the Mt. Pleasant County Park. It was a good time and we really love any outdoor activity where we can include Riley. And let's face it, he deserves a fun day since he doesn't get nearly enough attention now that M is here. But he is still the best dog ever and really loves M. Here are some iPhone pics...

M was not as excited as Riley to be going to Petfest... look at that pout!

Riley being a good boy waiting for his ice cream

Chicken and ice cream are Riley's favorite foods

All my loves...

If you think M looks like me, look at these two below! Looking more and more like her daddy every day!

We entered Riley in the Lowcountry Dog magazine cover contest... he didn't win so obviously this magazine is run by idiots because look how cute he is!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

We had two Easter outfits (from both grandmothers, of course) to wear this weekend. 
This is Madeleine on Saturday.

 Thank you for the sleeper and bunny socks Grandma!

M likes her bunny rattle. Thanks Mommom!

Cutie pie!

 Next year will be full of easter baskets and easter egg hunts!

 Who can resist a ruffle butt??? Thanks for the cute outfit Mommom!

 I tried to get some shots without her hands in her mouth but it was impossible. She always has her hands in her mouth these days.

 She was tired of all the photos and was not a fan of wearing the hat.

Even Riley gets Easter treats!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Visit from Grandma & Auntie Heather

This past week Cameron's mom and sister came for a visit to meet Madeleine. We went on a lot of outings and had so much fun. On Monday, we went downtown to the Hominy Grill for lunch then walked around the Old City Market. 

It was a fun but long day for all of us. M and Barb were especially tired.

And hungry.

Tuesday, Cameron had to go to NYC for work so Barb, M and I had a lazy morning and then took Riley to the North Charleston dog park. On Wednesday, Barb, M and I went to lunch and then did a little shopping at the outlets before we had to pick up Auntie Heather at the airport. 

Thursday, we all went downtown for lunch and a carriage ride around town. We took a private tour so that we could bring the car seat and keep M safe and in the shade. It was a good thing we did too because M was fussy the entire last 15 minutes of the tour.

(Don't worry mom, M was only in the sun for a minute!)

Friday, we went to Magnolia Plantation. It was another gorgeous day out so it was perfect for touring the grounds and gardens.

We went on a tram ride around the grounds. M was awake and well behaved the whole time. 

Here are old slave quarters on the grounds

Spanish Moss - isn't Spanish and isn't moss (yes, I learned something on the tour)

Definitely Daddy's girl


How cute is M in her sunhat?

The back of the plantation house

Family photo (minus Riley)

Thanks for coming Grandma and Auntie Heather! We had a great time and can't wait to come visit you this summer!