Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Visit to Mommom & Poppop's

Cameron went to Poland for a conference so Madeleine and I flew to MD to stay with Mommom & Poppop for 2 weeks. I was pretty nervous about flying alone with the baby but she was great. A lot of people offered to help me with the stroller and our bags so that was really helpful.

While we were visiting, we went shopping, did some baking, and prepared for the baby shower we were hosting for my friend Laura on Sunday. We (mostly mom) baked sugar cookies, cakes and cupcakes. They were all delicious. Mommom really should open a bakery! 

We also got together with several friends and family members. It was so much fun introducing M to everyone. I think she was a big hit. :) We can't wait to go back in September!

The 2 weeks just flew by and we had a wonderful time. Thanks Mom and Scott for everything. You are the best. Madeleine is so lucky to have you as her grandparents! We miss you already. 

Madeleine turned 5 months while we were there so we took some great photos in my parent's beautiful front yard (nice job Scotty-Boo!). 

She is starting to sit up by herself now but just isn't strong enough to catch herself from falling backwards. Mommom was next to her just in case. :)

Look at those blue eyes!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Good Morning

How cute is my little tummy sleeper??? Waking up to this smiling face is amazing. She cracks me up.